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Please take a minute and read very carefully what I have to say.  In recent months, all kinds of online bartending schools and courses are popping up.  As the director of several established bartending schools and with 32 years of bartending and beverage hospitality experience I have trained and placed thousands of bartenders because my graduates have actual “HANDS ON TRAINING”. They are hired and make great money because they can do the job.  Let’s say you want to become a auto mechanic or technician...can you learn that online?  NO! You need to get your hands on the equipment to actually learn the job.

Reasons for NOT taking an Online course:

NO LEGITIMATE CERTIFICATION:  My schools are licensed and regulated by state education agencies, so my certificate has credibility when you apply for bartending work.   Licensed schools adhere to State guidelines from proper facilities for training, such as instructors that have the experience to teach and job placement guidelines, and they are bonded to assure you that we will be here when you need us.

NO LOCAL JOB PLACEMENT:  I pay a full time job placement director who places my graduates, sets up appointments and interviews, provides private party and event work on a weekly basis (my grads get paid $20 per hour for these jobs). No matter what they say, you are on your own with a online course. Once they have your money and have sent you some drink recipes, that's it - basically, "Good luck and thanks for your money."

NO HANDS ON TRAINING, DRINK BUILIDING, OR POURING SKILLS:  So you know what is in a Margarita from reading the recipe. Okay, now get behind a real bar and make a real Margarita for me...what do you do first?  On the rocks, straight up, frozen, blended...which tequila do you use?  Triple Sec or Cointreau? If you don't know the answers, that tells you that licensed schools will provide you with the education and skills to really become a professional bartender and make some money. And that is only one drink out of 150 that you will learn at my schools. 

NO POURING SKILLS:  How do you to hold a liquor bottle so you pour the right amounts? How do you hold 2 or 4 bottles at one time? How do you pour 1oz, 1 1/4oz, 1 1/2oz, or 2oz accurately? Can you learn these skills online? I don't think so.

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE:  What is Dewar’s?   What is Grand Marnier?  What do the bottles and labels look like?  In my schools, you work with the actual bottles, so when you go to work in a real bar you recognize your product and feel experienced right away. This will not happen online.

I could go on and on but you get the point. Licensed brick and mortar bartending schools have been around for 40 years and there is a good reason that our programs work; you are trained to be a professional bartender and you are able to actually work and make money as one.

You get what you pay for. If you are thinking of bartending, do it right: visit our schools and make an intelligent decision based on facts. What have you got to lose? Tuition for most schools is very reasonable...graduates usually make their money back within 1-2 weeks of work. 


Jack McKim, Director



Bartenders are known for their ability to make a good living, have fun, and meet people. Take a look below at our Placement List for Fort Worth, Texas.   Then click on the sidebar to see our Placement Lists for other parts of the country as well as Letters of Recommendations and Newspaper Articles. These clearly show that our bartending schools are leaders in this field.

We bring all of this experience to you in our hands-on training.  Our expertise is also clearly seen in our school’s curriculum and manual.

Look at the great cities listed at the bottom of the page where we have state licensed bartending schools.  As you can see, all these cities are hospitality oriented, which means lots of restaurants, hotels, country clubs, night clubs, and bars.  Now what does that mean for ABC graduates?   Opportunity!

You can also easily see the number of liquor serving establishments in your city and the number of bartenders, both full time and part time that it takes to staff these operations.  Get the picture?

Thousands of students are trained and placed every year throughout America by ABC in our professional one week, two week, and three week programs that cover all the techniques used to become a professional bartender.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

This could be a picture of you training to become a professional bartender.

Convenient Class Schedules
Length of Class Section Mon - Thur
2 weeks Mornings 9:30 am - 1:30 pm
Afternoons 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
2 weeks Evenings Mon - Thur
6pm - 10pm
1 Week   Mon - Thur
9:30 am - 6:00 pm
*adjusted schedules available.

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  • Set up / Changing Shifts / Closing Out
  • Customer Service
  • Basic Bar Equipment
  • Bar Terms
  • What Glass for What Drink
  • Free Pouring / Mixing Techniques
  • Mixing Cocktails - Simple and Fancy (from Shooters to Irish Coffee)
  • Liquor Encyclopedia
  • Beers / Wines / Champagnes
  • Cash Registers / Money Handling / Charge Procedures
  • Tipping
  • Catering Private Parties
  • Job Interview Techniques

Job Placement Assistance, Too!

For those students that ask about our Job Placement Assistance, here is a partial list of the thousands of graduates from our schools that we have placed.  Tony Sylvester's ability is known throughout the United States as being a leader in the field of Bartender Placement.

Examples of Job Placements

(Alphabetically Listed)

Adolphus Hotel
Crowne Plaza Hotel Addison
DoubleTree Hotel Lincoln Ctr.
Four Seasons Resort and Club
Harvey Hotel
Harvey Hotel DFW
Harvey Hotel Plano
Holiday Inn Select DFW
Hyatt Hotel Dallas
Hyatt Regency DFW
The Mansion on Turtle Creek
Marriott International
Omni Richardson Hotel
Renaissance Dallas
Sheraton Park Central Hotel
Westin Hotel Galleria Dallas
Wyndham Anatole Hotel
Wyndham International
Hawaii’s Cruise Line
Abba Staffing
American Airlines Center
American Legion –163
Club Arcadia
Ballpark in Arlington
The Diamond Club
Bahama Beach Club
Brookhollow Golf Club
Castle Hills Golf Club
Christinas Mexican Restaurant
Club Nikita
Club Oxygen
Ballpark Baseball Stadium
Ebeneezer’s Club
Fire Wheel Golf Park
Four Seasons Resort & Club
The Golf Club at Castle Hills
Help Wanted Inc
Indian Creek Golf Club
Indigo Night Club
Lakewood Country Club
Lonestar Racetrack
Lonestar Park at Grand Prairie

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CEO Tony Sylvester

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